This website is a resource for people who are researching about the New York School and want to either learn about Joe Brainard and/or understand the aesthetics of the New York School cover art. On this website, there is a collection of covers along with their images that Joe Brainard designed and also there is an aesthetic vocabulary to establish the style of these covers. I created this website to fill the void within the study of the New York School, for there was previously no resource that collected and analyzed the book covers of the New York School.


About Joe Brainard


Joe Brainard was a second generation New York School artist. He is most known for his popular book I Remember, where he talks about coming to age through the use of "I remember . . ." statements. Even though Brainard was known for this book, he was more of a skilled artist. He built assemblages, created collages, drew and painted. With all of these skills, it is often overlooked that Joe Brainard did a significant amount of book and magazine covers. 

Above are articles of Joe Brainard's artwork. Do note the differences between his art and his cover work.